Thursday, 2 April 2015


whatever goes up must come down,
but what if that which ascends isnt like the material mind
which always fall back to the lust of it's limited flight
what if it goes high enough,
is suspended in space and confined in infinite solitary
where there is nothing to desire?
what if it ascends into eternal infinity?

Wealth, power, health, emotions,
and the struggle to promote a reason for living
are intertwined embodiments of shallow transcension,
For no matter how happy you are now,
soon you shall be saddened,
no matter how healthy you are,
soon you shall be sickened
no matter how strong
soon you go weary
and no matter how wealthy
soon you shall lack.

In this moment lies the chariots of eternal transcension
which can be levitated to pinnacles of insatiable pleasure
availed to all at every point in time.
The true essence of living as humans can only be sickened
by seeking for temporary cures.
but is the same which strengthens the essence.

the condition of life witnessed today
is in the momentary addiction for temporary satisfaction
and without which nothing IS felt,
but emptiness.

Sunday, 1 March 2015


"Never let the expectation of any entity become your reality". 
if you think the message above can be understood by just reading and understanding the context, 
word for word, 
then you are seriously misunderstanding the message. 
this is a message to myself, shared with my other selves and can only be understood by your soul.
(below is a preview of the interpretation of my quote)
I am God.
I dont expect you to believe that i am.
and if you do not agree with my being,
it is because you have a mind of your own, which decides your reality, not mine.
Regurgitate the fruit of offered knowledge, and be nourished from within,
then you shall dance to the songs the soul sings.
I am not your God,
I am alpha and omega, make love to my being,
caress my mind, kiss my soul and become one with me.
This is what we are, this is where we are meant to be.
I have never asked you to worship me, i only ask that you work with me,
it is our duty to love, and love is the work we have to do.
you became a servant to others the day you chose to serve yourself alone.
you died the day you chose to seek knowledge from an external source.
i am you awakener, i speak to your soul and it hearkens unto me.
You shall live again the day you choose to seek from within.


The point

As a child i did play
As an adult i do stray
I serve like a slave
But a king does the same
The satisfaction of my ego
I do crave.
The holy ones of Vatican,
If like me,
not a shame.
Step by step
I walk to my grave,
Every living shall,
Whole or lame.


Life in love

The world is racing ahead,
And urging you,
To chase after life,
To be the first,
To be seen,
To be felt and heard,
To be the best.
And while we head for glory,
Let the stories be written,
Of sights to be seen,
Lips to be kissed,
of wars to flee,
And moments to be.
Let this life lead to love,
And love,
to days you shall never forget.

Christ fiction

Jesus does not have to exist.
Any event I did not witness or experience is fiction to me, 
so all those who say Jesus is fiction, may be right, 
but I have chosen that fiction as my standard for living. 
I believe in Jesus as a message not a messenger. 
There are many other messages that can be incorporated into his message.
But love remains my base. 
Im not religious, I have no issue with religion. 
I just understand the message of God/love/life simply through Jesus christ.

With love

I love this one,
I adore another,
I love yet some others
who aren't the ones I first loved.
I have so much love to give,
and many seek to receive,
how could I cease it from the world,
just to trade
with one for coital bonds.
Selfish as it may sound,
my attention roams
and sits in Rome when with romans,
stays enslaved when in chains,
and soars above the heavens
when with angels.
I am yours,
but you can only keep me while you have me, 
from the womb to infancy
Mother held on to me
but even from her I slipped,
and here I am sleeping next to you,
but soon I will be lost in the arms of one
who needs me more than lungs do air.
I do not go about seeking adventures
between the thighs of damsels,
but as many as there are
that knock upon the gates of my awkwardness,
I give a room.
I know I would be captured by one someday with a baby bait,
but until then,
I devote my all 
to all who hunger and thirst for my kind of love.
My love is intellectual
My love is erotic
My love is sensual
My love is enlightening
My love is spiritual
My love is white and black
My love hangs on both sides
A spot for yin
A dot for yang
My love is endless.
Fall in love with me
And let us make love to light.

God's Man

Do I have to be a man of God, to become God's man?
who is messing with my mind?
Is it your God, is it the devil? Is it mine?
i seek to know,
But knowing the truth isn't enough anymore,
being the truth and sharing that being,
has become my only truth.
I fill my cup with wine but do not drink from it,
It runs over for all to feast from until they thirst no more.
But why do I still thirst?
why do my neighbors die of dehydration?
Why ask Questions with obvious answers? 
Because the answers I get are questions.
I will wait for the unquestionable answer,
it is in here, but I probably need a midwife to deliver me from this labor,
I need a hand to hold, and eyes to behold while I push.
I can do greater than Christ did,
But i will not raise the dead.
I am stuck up at being a follower,
when the teacher has told me to go and do greater than he did.
Can I do less than he did,
to become more than he was?
Can I forgo the noise
and stick to the silence
until I become the voice.